Ruination was the first time I dipped my toes into the Thriller genre. It's a slow burn Psychological Thriller where even seemingly small details are important and can come into play later in the story. My goal with this story was to clue readers in with subtext as opposed to outright telling them what I want them to know. Aside from the main character, the narrator of Ruination never once explains a character's actions or what they are thinking. That's up to the reader to figure out!



Stay away from the mines of Mt. Couture. 

Advice that the village of Faiwell followed for thousands of years. But when precious metals from the surrounding mountains become scarce and the threat of famine looms, two teams are sent to explore the long abandoned mines. The first team becomes trapped by a tunnel collapse and are hunted by an otherworldly terror that roams the mines at night. Even worse, the workers act peculiar and mumble on about a Dark Savior.

Gold Fever follows Joel, a young mute from the second team of miners who knows more than he lets on. He and his new friends navigate the many dangers of Mt. Couture and attempt to hunt for valuable metals, find the first team, and most importantly... survive.