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Side Stories Released (As of 11/07/2022)

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Side Story 1 - Slaying the Beast

A Desperate Hooligan Stares Down Destiny


In the humble village of Faiwell, it is expected that young men will join the Miner’s Guild when they come of age. Having seen first-hand that miners work themselves to near death for little reward, Wolfgang Caligan aims to avoid such a fate at all costs. His father, Drust, insists that he will become a miner whether he likes it or not, while his mother, Guinevere, believes him to be a natural leader who is too good for mining. With both parents tugging at him and often getting into violent arguments, Wolfgang spends most of his time away from home; leading a shrinking band of hooligans who make a ruckus all around Faiwell.

But when a wild riggit begins terrorizing the livestock of Faiwell’s farms, Wolfgang strikes up a deal with Mining Guild President Drake Danvers: If he can slay the beast before Faiwell’s hunters, then Drake will use his connections to get Wolfgang into the Hunter’s Association.

However, time is short, and with his overbearing father breathing down his neck, can Wolfgang complete the task and avoid his downtrodden destiny in the mines?

Side Story 2 - Ground Into Dust

Arrogance Turns to Dust Under The Moon’s Gaze


Six months after running away from her troubles in Faiwell, Lucia de Vesci finds herself in Zirka, Luneria; a land where bloodthirsty rebels relentlessly attack their king. King Cedomir II has become paranoid over the years and keeps mercenaries around to fend off the rebels instead of using soldiers. Lucia has become one such mercenary in the pursuit of strength, but her failure to slay any rebels has brought her to the brink of destitution.

After barely escaping a duel with notorious rebel Kreigo the Butcher, Lucia is found by a mysterious man named Dart. He claims her goals to be selfish and arrogant and offers to whip her into shape with an intense training regimen. Over the months, Lucia is humbled and begins to see results, but she suspects that Dart is trying to keep her away from battle. What’s more, he somehow has the resources to bring her food and clothing, and after each night of training, he disappears without a trace.

Can Lucia’s new teacher be trusted? And has she improved enough to resume work as a mercenary?

Side Story 3 - The Seer's Game

The Fortune Of A Lifetime


Dalton Rayleigh’s foolish student ran away one month ago and her trail has gone cold. Just as he is about to give up on his search for her, a silver-tongued bard informs him of the Seer’s game: Tests of wit, bravery, and strength where the winner has their fortune told for free. Though skeptical at first, Dalton’s drunkenness and promises of the Seer’s beauty convince him to show up for the games.

He is surprised to find dozens of others competing against him, including a former Federland Lieutenant, a prize hunter, a frigid warrior from the north, underhanded tricksters, and a scrappy married couple from the south who love a good fight. Carrying a sense of guilt along with him, Dalton travels across the land to solve mind-twisting riddles, teams up with unlikely allies to navigate deadly obstacles, and opens old and new wounds alike in some of his fiercest battles since the War of the Bird.

Despite not knowing for sure that the Seer’s abilities are true, Dalton finds himself drawn to her; feeling rare moments of ease when in her presence. Can she give him what he seeks? Or is he looking for something more than a fortune told?

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