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A Gathering of Strangers is the third book in the Dark Savior Series. It features the most characters and action scenes to date, with a conclusion that regular readers of the books will consider fitting! I personally think of the Dark Savior stories as a series of trilogies. With that said, this book ends "part one" of what I had envisioned for the overall story. I hope you have enjoyed reading thus far!

A Gathering of Strangers
A Gathering of Strangers: Dark Savior Series

ISBN: 978-1-7331-942-5-9

Strangers Have Gathered to Weather the Storm

Two of the seven seals which imprison the Dark Savior have been broken by the scheming Drake Danvers and his supernaturally gifted team. With a crafty and powerful Dark Wizard aiding them, they have become a force to be reckoned with, now setting their sights on Endoshire, where the seal of Degenerate lies.

Aldous the Wizard and his mute cohort Joel worry that a third seal breaking would spell the Dark Savior's eventual return and mankind's doom. They, along with their friends, rush to stop the dark forces, but find that they're heavily outnumbered and underpowered. Out of desperation, they find themselves relying more and more on the help of unfamiliar faces.

In this epic confrontation, pirates will carve their name out in legend, Wizards shall create spectacular light shows as they battle, swords will be shattered, friendships will be tested, and scores shall be settled. Along the way, Joel and the others will encounter unthinkable magic, unpredictable rogues, and creatures long thought to be myth. To defeat Drake and his team, however, they will need to find fellowship among strangers!

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