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A Gathering of Strangers is the third book in the Dark Savior Series. It features the most characters and action scenes to date and a conclusion that regular readers of the books will consider fitting! I think of the Dark Savior stories as a series of trilogies. With that said, this book ends part one of what I had envisioned for the overall story. I hope you have enjoyed reading thus far!

A Gathering of Starngers_Ebook.jpg
A Gathering of Strangers: Dark Savior Series, Book Three

ISBN: 979-8-9893993-3-8

On The Precipice of Disaster, Strangers Have Gathered To Weather The Storm

Another seal that keeps the Dark Savior locked away has been broken. Five seals remain, but there are whisperings that the fall of two shall herald the beginning of the end. His return seems inevitable.

With conspiring minds now aiming to break the seal of Degenerate, Joel and his friends scramble to stop them. The battleground is in Endoshire, the trading hub of the world. But the city and its beautiful sites harbor a dark underbelly that blackens the more one digs. It is best not to ask about the slaves, for you may become one yourself; and it is unwise to be outdoors at night, no matter what you hear, for it is when they come out.

The seal is entrenched in maze-like sewers where monsters long thought to be myth lurk. However, the dark forces have used their political sway and devilry alike to summon a small army that stacks the odds in their favor. Once again, they are poised to succeed in their sinister goals.

Yet, despite overwhelming opponents and the corrupting filth around them, some citizens of Endoshire are ready to take a stand and fight. New bonds among strangers have been forged to thwart the dark forces. If that is not enough, then their desperation will be; for Joel knows that this time, they cannot afford to fail. This time, things will be different, or they will die trying.

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