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If I could only name one thing that drives me as an author, it would have to be this: Writing a book may be the only form of entertainment where there are no limits except your imagination.

Back in 2018, despite having worked on video games for a decade, I found myself wanting to explore the limitless potential of writing novels. From this desire emerged a book: Gold Fever, a Dark Fantasy about the mysterious mines of Mt. Couture and the horrors that dwell within.

I have since written two sequels to Gold Fever. They are part of a planned nine book continuity called the Dark Savior Series. Currently, I'm taking a short break from Fantasy and working on a Psychological Thriller called Ruination. You can read more about that story my blog.

My writing style is most inspired by Michael Crichton's novels. I tend to describe what I feel is needed and then let the reader fill in the blanks. I've also got an appreciation for balancing darkness with lightheartedness, and that comes from real experiences in my life. Most of us can find humor, even in the darkest of times.

As an author, my goal is to push boundaries. The Dark Savior Series, you might notice, is experimental. Most Fantasies tend to prioritize world-building, but I instead focused on the characters and kept many of the settings confined. My upcoming stories will be even more experimental in that I am trusting the reader to understand the subtext; not everything will be spelled out for them. 

Outside of writing, I enjoy reading, sports, and classic video games. I am currently working on books in my free time, so unfortunately the above hobbies tend to get pushed aside. Still, once in a while, it's good to unwind with a captivating book, an engaging video game, or an intense tennis match!

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