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Decimation is a sequel to Ruination, but actually started as a one-off thriller that I had wanted to write. When I would tell friends or family my idea for the story, they would assume it to be a psychological thriller where the main character suspects he is being targeted, but no one believes him. That, combined with an idea I had for a story about a cancer cure, turned into Ruination. This story is the realization of my original idea. It was so much fun to write, because it accidentally turned into a satire of corporate and internet culture on top of its thriller base. I hope that Decimation makes you laugh just as much as it shocks or frightens you!


ISBN: 978-1-7331942-8-0

Having A Rough Week? It May Not Be A Coincidence

Two years out of college and still unemployed, Jobeth Barone accepts a mysterious company’s invitation to interview in a desperate attempt to reverse her fortunes. Expecting it to be a scam, Jo is shocked to find a busy workplace that employs hundreds of people. They offer her a position with excellent pay and benefits to match. The catch? This isn’t your typical office job.

Enter: Deo-Tec Solutions. Where the objectives are fast-paced, the clientele demanding, and the inner competition fierce. In her new position, Jo finds herself behind a screen; playing judge, jury, and executioner to targets who are unaware of her presence. She is assured by management that these are bad people who deserve what’s happening to them, but can she handle the responsibility and burden of effectively ruining their lives? Or will she become degenerate, like the very people she is paid to destroy?

At a company like Deo-Tec, some questions are better left unasked.

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