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Gold Fever was my first novel, and while I have many fond memories of writing it, there were some problems with the finished product that needed addressing. This is the rewritten version, and I feel it shows how much I've learned over the years as an author. The story hasn't changed, but descriptions, perspectives, and clarity of the writing has. If you enjoy fantasy with dark overtones, dungeon crawling, and intrigue in spades, then this is the novel for you!

Gold Fever: Dark Savior Series, Book One

ISBN: 979-8-9893993-5-2

Shining Black Lights The Way To A Place Where Your Dark Savior Lay… 

Tasked with gathering precious metals to save their struggling settlement, the miners of Faiwell aim to enter Mt. Couture for the first time in over 100 years. Joel knows the treacherous secret of the mountain and why they should avoid it at all costs. He tries to warn the others, but his muted pleas fall on deaf ears, and they enter the mines in search of treasure and glory.

Within the shadows, Joel and the others are plagued by mischievous creatures, cave-ins, and treachery at the hands of their own allies. To make matters worse, they are hunted by an otherworldly terror with an appetite for human flesh. Sword and pickaxe alike shatter against its impenetrable hide, and every encounter with the beast ends in bloody disaster.

Yet, even in the face of such horrors, the miners are too enamored with their treasures to escape. For the tunnel collapses and monsters of Mt. Couture are not what worry Joel. It is the enigmatic voice in their dreams telling them they must have more: the one who would call himself Dark Savior. 

Can Joel lead the miners away from their madness and back to safety? Or will their newfound desires see Mt. Couture swallowing them up like so many before?

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