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Seven Seals is the second book of the Dark Savior Series. It takes us out of the creepy confines of Mt. Couture and explores the Dark Savior world in more detail. Ironically, I felt a little less comfortable while writing this than when writing about being trapped in the mines. My main concern was with keeping true to the horror roots established in the previous book while opening up the world in a more traditional fantasy sense. I feel that I found a good balance while writing Seven Seals.

Seven Seals: Dark Savior Series, Book Two

ISBN: 979-8-9893993-1-4

The Seven Seals Are Under Siege

Thousands of years ago, seven seals were created to lock the Dark Savior and his cataclysmic power away in another realm. Since then, the Wizard’s Council has dutifully protected the seals, but with time came complacency, and one year ago, the seal of Greed was broken at Mt. Couture.

Dark forces have conspired to break the remaining six seals scattered around the world, and to make matters worse, they now have access to the black gold. With both issues needing immediate attention, Joel and his friends split up to fight a war on two fronts.

On the unfriendly shores of Bosfueras, Conrad must avoid the red, watchful eyes of cultish townsfolk as he hunts for the missing black gold. There, he stumbles upon unspeakable monsters and devilry that will change everything about the ongoing battle for the seven seals.

Joel and his team arrive in the barren lands of Thironas to intercept the dark forces aiming to break the seal of Famine. However, they encounter far more resistance than anticipated in the form of rogues, mind-bending magic, and an unstoppable beast that hunts all who dare enter its domain where the seal lies. Yet, even among all of these dangers, Joel is haunted and distracted by a bloody past that comes to a head when he is confronted by a grudge thousands of years in the making.

Was Mt. Couture only the beginning? Or can Joel and the others restore order before it’s too late?

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