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Seven Seals is the second book of the Dark Savior Series. I spent extra time on this one to make sure that it was a good follow up to the first story. It taught me many things about character development, plot structure, world building, and what makes a good sequel. I hope you enjoy it!

Seven Seals: Dark Savior Series

ISBN: 978-1-7331-942-3-5


Thousands of years ago, seven seals were created to lock the Dark Savior away in another realm, never to torment the world again. After the Mt. Couture disaster one year prior, six seals remain. Aldous, now a disgraced Wizard, fears that Village Elder Drake Danvers and a mysterious Dark Wizard aim to break the remaining six seals.

Joel and Alistair accompany Aldous to Drake's next suspected target, the struggling city of Thironas. There, they find more than they bargained for: old rivals, desperate bandits, a terrifying monster, and an all-powerful Wizard who forces them to live out their worst memories rather than help.

Meanwhile, Dalton and Lucia travel to the far away shores of Bosfueras in search of Conrad, who mysteriously disappeared three months ago, leaving nothing but a letter behind. In this unfriendly land, they stumble upon a conspiracy which could threaten the very fabric of their world!

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