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A large country to the far-east which gets its name from the fact that night falls earlier there than any other place in the world. It is said that the king is a descendent of one of the Three Great Kings, and that is his claim to the throne. However, his claim is disputed by the rebels, who believe him to be a false king. As a result, the country is in a state of chaos, but not quite to the point of a civil war. Many attempts have been made on the king’s life, and so he has grown paranoid. Rather than trust anyone close to him, he instead hires mercenaries to do work for his kingdom.

Cities & Towns


A dense jungle located in the farthest corner of Luneria. The explosive mushrooms found within Mt. Couture are native to these jungles. Maug is also the base of operations for the rebels of Luneria. It provides a great natural defense with its dangers and confusing layout. Many mercenaries hired by the king have met a gruesome end in this jungle.

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