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A country which is filled to the brim with farmlands, hills, and the hardiest of people. Beautiful to look at, but a boring to live in, many young Currens have a thirst for adventure and prefer swift action to a measured response. Although Currencolt is considered its own country, it falls under the umbrella of Sigraveld’s empire, much to its resident’s dismay and anger.

While much construction has been going on up north, largely under the direction of Sigrian architects, the middle and southern regions of Currencolt remain rooted in their traditions and simple living.

Cities & Towns


A major port for ships arriving and leaving Currencolt. It is a grassy and rocky area, but has been carved out over the years for ease of use. The name means “shipyard” in the old Curren language.


A close-knit farming village where everyone knows each other’s name, and that name is often “Alistair”. In recent years, the farms of the village have shifted from wool harvesting to production from livestock. This is in direct response to settlements up north becoming more crowded and prosperous. Like many citizens of mid and lower Currencolt, they despise Sigraveld and their king for bowing to the empire.

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