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Other Locations

The following are other key locations in the Dark Savior Series which are not located in the countries of previous articles. They have, however, been referenced or visited at some point in the books.


A city to the east of the Endless Desert. As a death penalty for their worst criminals, they will often leave them stranded in the Endless Desert to ensure a slow, painful end.


A marinian kingdom off the coast of Endoshire which is famous for its crystalline metal: Starlite. It is so hard that even iron might crack when struck by it. An active underwater volcano is the life blood of this city. It produces starlite, a food supply, and warmth for its citizens.

Land of Birds

Also known as the Bird Lands. This country was won and then expanded upon by the avian in the War of the Bird. No other species are allowed to live there, and the majority of settlements are built high up in forests or on mountains. In recent years they have opened their borders more to travel, but overall remain reclusive in nature.


Known today as the Lost Continent, Stalmagna was once the home of the Dark Savior and his warrior race, the melior. During his campaign to annihilate the luxians, they sacrificed a million souls to fire a powerful weapon which permanently damaged the country. Even to this day, the land is uninhabitable to humans. There is a massive lake of poison at the center of the country and violent storms constantly rage on all around.


Located in what is now Federland, Stellinam was once a thriving luxian town with high living standards. However, it was ravaged after the first wave of Gold Fever-infected luxians returned from war. Nothing remains of it today.


Before Federland came together as one nation, Turnersia had attempted to take the land for themselves from the smaller settlements. However, the settlements came together and ultimately defeated them. Even though Turnersia controls a sizable territory to the south, they are still the bitter rivals of Federland. Most recently, they aided the avian during the War of the Bird by supplying them with weaponry. Even in times of peace, the two countries have an intense hatred for one another.

The Endless Desert

A massive desert to the southeast of Sigraveld. Those brave or foolish enough to attempt crossing it are often never seen or heard from again. It is believed that being stranded in the middle of the Endless Desert is a death sentence. There are whispers, however, of an oasis at the desert’s center…

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