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A powerful empire which quietly rules over several other countries as puppet states. This country is considered one of the main hubs of the world for trade and a better life. The king is a distant descendant of one of the Three Great Kings, and he wields this authority with an iron fist.

Sigraveld finds itself in a unique geographic location. It is nearly at the center of the world, but is surrounded in a half-circle by a cluster of countries. By controlling as many of the surrounding countries as possible, the empire’s defenses seem nearly impenetrable. At the same time, being at the world’s center makes it a convenient stop for trading vessels.

While there is one glaring exception, most Sigrian settlements are strict in who they allow in and out. Each settlement has a lord to do the king’s bidding, and they report directly back to him. Often, Sigrian towns will elect to relocate people to different countries in the empire in order to prevent overpopulation. This has created bitter grievances between Sigraveld and countries under their umbrella.

Cities & Towns


The second largest city in all of Sigraveld, Endoshire is considered the hub of trade and freedom in the world. This is in sharp contrast to other settlements in the country, which are stringent and heavily regulated by their lords. However, since so much money comes and goes through this port city, the king makes an exception for Endoshire. Beneath the high profits to be made, varied cultures, and all of the hustle and bustle, is a seedy underbelly. Slave trade is illegal in Sigraveld, but happens in Endoshire under everyone’s noses. Degenerates roam the streets at night, attacking anyone or anything that catches their attention. Backdoor deals rule the day.


Capital and largest city of Sigraveld. The king, his castle, and Sigraveld’s military reserves reside here. The castle grounds are so large that it takes up over half of the city. Odeon is named after one of the Three Great Kings.

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