Currently, I am working on a Psychological Thriller called Ruination. I have many other story ideas in mind that I hope to release in the future as well. For more information on what's coming, check out my blog.

Dark Savior Series

The Dark Savior Series follows Joel - a young mute - and his friends on their various journeys to stop the revival of an ancient being known as The Dark Savior. On these journeys they'll face many horrific challenges and dangers such as the mines of Mt. Couture, the murky waters of Lake Teras, or the maze-like sewers of Endoshire.

Evil minds conspire to break the seals which imprison the Dark Savior in another world. It's up to Joel and his ragtag group of friends to stop them. The fate of humanity may depend on it!

Book One: Gold Fever

Book Two: Seven Seals

Book Three: A Gathering of Strangers