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Ruination was the first time I dipped my toes into the Thriller genre. My goal with this story was to clue readers in with subtext as opposed to outright telling them what I want them to know. Aside from the main character, the narrator of Ruination never once explains a character's actions or what they are thinking. That's up to the reader to figure out!


ISBN: 978-1-7331942-7-3

TRUST is the Thin Line Between SUCCESS and RUINATION

Felix Sharp Jr. believes that he and his research team have made the discovery of the century: the cure for cancer. With only a couple of months of testing left to go before clinical trials begin, he celebrates with his closest friends and family in private.

But when news of the would-be cure is leaked to the media prematurely, Felix begins to suspect that corporate espionage is afoot. At the top of his list of suspects is LaoCare, a pharmaceutical giant that is developing its own cancer treatment. As inconveniences and problems surrounding the cure pile up, paranoia begins to dominate Felix's everyday life. He worries that LaoCare has bought off one of his close friends or co-workers, and he no longer knows who can be trusted.

Is someone out to get Felix? Or is his mind simply coping with difficult times?

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