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A country to the north of Sigraveld which is neither friendly nor welcoming to outsiders. Over the years, many attempts have been made to conquer the land by larger countries, but each time the invaders have been pushed back. Natives tend to perform backbreaking labor and have a vicious temperament as a result. It is not uncommon for folk from this country to form mobs against those whom they dislike.

Governance by the king is loose. There is a belief in Gentorgul that those who rule over the masses should fear the masses. Unreasonable laws or requests will be met with violent revolution. There are some settlements which even completely ignore the kingdom’s decrees without punishment. For it is the kingdom who fears its people and not the other way around.

Further adding to their defiant nature, Gentish settlements often refuse to speak King’s Tongue out of principle. It is, after all, a standard set by Sigraveld, whom they despise.

Cities & Towns


At the southwest coast of Gentorgul lies Bosfueras, the least-friendly and least-welcoming of all Gentish settlements. So feared and reviled are they by their own countrymen that the kingdom doesn’t even bother trying to enforce laws on them. Further defying authority, they speak Old Gentish instead of Gentish. Not only does Bosfueras govern itself, but it is self-sustaining. With plentiful woods, water sources, and people, they have gone years without issue. As a highly religious and stringent people, they dislike the world outside of their town, but do conduct trades with foreigners from time to time. In recent times, however, they have become more reclusive than ever before.

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