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This country was once the dominating force of the world, but they broke off from one of the Three Great King bloodlines and slowly declined after. It is now considered part of the Sigrian Empire, but they are not provided much help by them. An incident involving the centaurs led to the Mithikans falling out of favor with Sigraveld’s King.

Now that a famine is spreading, Mithikans are fleeing to any place outside of the country that will take them, like Endoshire. Crime is rampant in these struggling settlements, and it has only gotten worse over time.

Despite these concerning developments, Sigraveld’s king has sent his daughter, Princess Ella, to take her place as queen and help to dictate her father’s wishes. Between rising tensions due to food shortages and a puppet monarchy, something has to give.

Cities & Towns


Lake Teras – A large lake that is bordered by the city of Thironas. The great wall which separates the lake’s beach from Thironas was constructed to keep the lake watcher, an otherworldly monster, away from the public. At the center of the lake is an island which no man has stepped foot on in over a thousand years. It is believed that buried treasure resides on the island, but no one is brave enough to check for themselves.


A once great and thriving city that has been reduced to poverty thanks to a long-lasting famine. Built upon a small plateau are the city center and wealthy district, which look down upon the unwashed slums and dead farmlands below. A massive bridge to the east brings travelers out to the mountains, while to the south, a grand wall blocks off the beach of Lake Teras, where citizens are forbidden from entering. Even a Lord of the Land is at risk of being fired upon if they try to pass the wall without permission.

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